Claudio Bizzarri received his Ph.D. from the University of Perugia, on a topic connected with the import of Attic pottery in Etruria, the vases used in the symposium by the Etruscans. He is an archaeologist interested in ancient wine and food production (he is a member of the local board of the Slow Food movement and he ran his own farm for ten years), he is the scientific Director of several digs in the hot Italian summers and still explores the underground fascinating system of man-made caves that exists in the Orvieto area. He also serves on the board of the Faina Museum and is the Director of the Archaeological and Environmental Park of Orvieto.



Alba Frascarelli was born and raised in Italy, where she started her career in Archeology after getting her Master’s degree in Classics and Mediterranean Archeology at the University of Perugia. Also passionate with languages and travels, in the Spring 2000 she enthusiastically accepted a position as Visiting scholar at the Ruth Patrick Science Educational Center (University of South Carolina), developing the project “You be the archeologist” for kids K- 5/8.  Attending conferences in the US, she was lucky enough to meet UA Regents’ Professor David Soren; this connection led to the creation of the Arizona in Orvieto Program in the Fall 2002. Since then, Alba has served as Program Manager, welcoming almost 2000 students to Orvieto, that has become the location for the largest UA Study Abroad program.

rosita focarelli


Rosita Focarelli serves as Alba and Claudio’s Right Hand Woman, managing myriad administrative tasks and serving as direct support for students.  Rosita began studying foreign languages in high school and pursued her passion for multilingual studies and intercultural exchange at the University of Siena. During those years, she participated in several study abroad programs, including a 6 month Erasmus scholar stay in Germany.   She has 20 years experience conducting  tours around her hometown Orvieto and  now uses her talents to help students quickly feel at home. Rosita translates her intercultural background into assisting students with creative problem-solving and travel planning, which she has done with enthusiastic good humor  since 2015.